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Itch Relief

Significant improvement in the severity of itch

~68% of patients achieved WI-NRS Success at Week 81,2*

35%49%67%19%23%26%ZORYVE(n=218)Vehicle(n=115)WEEK 2WEEK 4WEEK 8DERMIS-1
42%56%69%21%22%33%ZORYVE(n=229)Vehicle(n=116)WEEK 2WEEK 4WEEK 8DERMIS-2
35%49%67%42%56%69%19%23%26%21%22%33%P<0.0001 vs vehicle.P<0.001 vs vehicle.ZORYVE(n=218)Vehicle(n=115)ZORYVE(n=229)Vehicle(n=116)WEEK 2WEEK 4WEEK 8WEEK 2WEEK 4WEEK 8DERMIS-1DERMIS-2

P<0.0001 vs vehicle.
P<0.001 vs vehicle.

*WI-NRS Success defined as a ≥4-point improvement for patients with a baseline score ≥4.
WI-NRS scale: 0 (no itch) to 10 (worst imaginable itch).

In a Phase 2 study

Itch-related sleep loss improved while on active treatment

§Based on patient-reported outcomes (PROs) data related to itch from a Phase 2b study evaluating efficacy and safety of once-daily roflumilast cream compared to vehicle for plaque psoriasis for 12 weeks. Patients were evaluated on itch-related sleep loss (IRSL) by answering a numeric scale 0 (no IRSL) to 10 (IRSL as bad as it could be) over the previous 24 hours.

Did you know?Did you know?

ITCH IS THE MOST BOTHERSOME and frequently reported symptom of psoriasis, according to a 2012 population-based survey of over 2,700 patients with plaque psoriasis in North America and Europe.9